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“Bring it on!” catering stands for a sustainable, seasonal, healthy and artisan cuisine of excellent professional quality.

We care a lot about our local community. We support and produce with the label ‘Made in 1070’. Our kitchen is a co-working space called Co-oking. This does not only create a more sustainable hardware utilisation and waste management but also actually creates local business opportunities.

Some of our priorities:

– Be creative. Create no food waste. And if we do, we present in to TooGoodToGo.

– Limit trash when shopping. And use selective waste management for the inevitable.

– Obviously we work with AFSCA/FAVV standards. But we use environmentally friendly cleaning products to do so.

We believe our customers also want a more sustainable and balanced local and global situation. They know that this takes effort from all sides. But this effort begins with us.

Therefor we present our customers with some attractive yet more sustainable choices:

– More healthy food that actually tastes good

– More vegetables and better quality of meat

– Tasty options for vegans and vegetarians

– Formulas that make single-use plastics unnecessary

Bring it on!


NL – “Bring it on!” catering staat voor een artisanaal bereid en seizoensgebonden aanbod. Stuur ons je gewenst feestconcept, datum en lokatie en we maken u een persoonlijke offerte. Meer foto’s en reviews op sociale media.

Chef Dirk: “Vanaf 2011 werkte ik voor verschillende Belgische cateraars op zowel publieke als privé-evenementen. In 2015-2016 maakte ik deel uit van het collectief Witlov. Eind 2016 werd ‘Bring it on!’ opgericht. Het doel is te excelleren als betrouwbare en originele partner bij het organiseren van events van 20 tot 200 personen. Sinds 2018 serveren we ook gezond, lekker en betaalbaar eten op televisie- en filmsets of voor andere productiecrews. ”

FR – “Bring it on!” vous offre un service traiteur artisanal et de saison. Envoyez nous vos idees et nous vous renvoyions un devis sur mesure de votre evenement.

Chef Dirk: “Depuis 2011 j’ai travaillé pour plusieurs traiteurs Belges. En 2015-2016 je faisais parti du collectif Witlov. Fin 2016, le nouveau concept traiteur “Bring it on!” était lancé. Le but étant d’exceller comme concurrent fiable et original envers le marché des événements privés et professionnels de 20 à 200 personnes. . Depuis 2018 nous offrons des plats sains et abordables pour des equipes de tournage et autres equipes de production.

ENG – “Bring it on!” presents you a handmade and seasonal catering. Send us the details of your event and ask for a tailor made offer.

Chef Dirk: “Since 2011 I worked for a number of Belgian catering companies. In 2015-2016 I was a part of the collective Witlov, serving up menus at many different types and sizes of events, both public and private. At the end of 2016 the brand new catering company ‘Bring it on!’ was launched. Our goal is to excel as a reliable and original host in events for 20 to 200 people. Since 2018 we are offering healthy, tasty and economically priced catering for television/movie and other production crews.

Kookboek “Bring it On”
Feest in huis!

Prijs incl BTW: €29

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